What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Wondering What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes are rechargable battery powered devices that closely simulates the sensation and pleasure of  smoking tobacco cigarette. The best E-Cigarette brands produce a thick smoke-like vapor and that give the feel, taste and flavor similar to a real cigarette.

E-cigs are also effective nicotine delivery devices that offer a range of nicotine from zero to 24mg.

Tobacco smokers, who like their nicotine ‘kick’ may prefer a brand that offers a 24mg cartridge . E-Cigarettes use a microprocessor and heat from a rechargable battery to vaporize propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and nicotine, into a vapor. E cigarette reviews, electric cigarette reviews This vapor is inhaled in a puff and the tip of the E-cigarette lights up. Smoking an electric cigarette delivers the experience of smoking, without the same adverse health effects associated with tobacco smoke.

Most electronic cigarettes are designed to resemble actual cigarettes, cigars or pipes. There are also many e-cig flavors to choose from.

A few brands offer flavors that taste like Marlboro, Camels or Newports. Other brands offer fun flavors like vanilla, cherry, chocolate, etc. Some brands taste better than others.

Taste is very important to your satisfaction , so look for a top electronic cigarette, that has great tasting e-cigarette cartridges.

E-cigarette technology has advanced a lot since they were first introduced in 2003. The best E-cigarette brands are now two-piece systems.

A two piece model is more superior because the atomizer is integrated with the cartridge, resulting in an atomizer that is virtually clog and drip free.

Our E Cigarette Reviews strongly suggests that you avoid the three piece models, as they are older technology, unreliable and messy. Stick with the two-piece models and you will be more satisfied with your e cigarette product.

Components of an Electronic Cigarette:

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(2) Piece vs (3) Piece E Cigarette Technology Compared

  1. Flavor Cartridge – This is the mouthpiece and holds the nicotine/glycol mixture. Cartomizers are disposable generally last about as long as a pack or two of real cigarettes. In 3-piece models, you can add more nicotine liquid to the cartridge, which extends the cartridge’s life. We strongly recommend that you stay away from brands that require nicotine liquid. They are messy, leak and you cannot help getting strong, unpleasant nicotine liquid on your tongue and mouth.
  2. Atomizer – In a (3) piece e cig system, the atomizer is a separate component and goes between the cartomizer and the battery. The atomizer heats heats the nicotine/glycol mixture in the cartridge and creates the vapor. The atomizer in a (2) piece e cig is built into the cartridge. So, each time the cartridge is replaced, the atomizer is also replaced. This ensures consistent and reliable performance.
  3. Battery – The battery is built into the front of the electronic cigarette and is rechargable. The battery unit also houses the micorprocessor. This micoprocessor recognizes when a user begins a drag and immediately signals the atomizer to heat up and the tip of the e cig to light up, giving the sense of smoking. When the LED blinks, it is indicates that the battery needs to be recharged.

Best E Cigarette Tips:

  1. We advise our readers to avoid any (3) piece E Cigarette component technology. It is critical that an e-cigarette’s atomizer work perfectly for superior performance and a good user experience. Atomizers are sensitive and should be replaced often for good vapor production. A separate atomizer, in a (3) piece system is a hassle, inconvenient, expensive and annoying. They clog, leak and negatively affect vapor production. The (2) piece e cigarette is superior because the atomizer is replaced each time a cartomizer is changed. This vastly improves vapor production, leaks and maximizes reliability and performance.
  2. When choosing an electric cigarette there are two important considerations.
    • Long Battery Life – poor brands will run out of juice quickly, need to be recharged frequently and will disappoint you.
    • Look for brands with a strong, long lasting battery. Stick with lithium ion batteries, preferably a 4.2 volt over a 3.7 volt. Find a brand that is recognized for their long lasting batteries. Finally, some brands offer short and long batteries. Longer batteries will outlast shorter batteries.
    • Great Tasting E-Cig Cartridges- Not all brands taste the same. Some taste artificial and not so good.
    • Look for a brand that is recognized for their best tasting e-cig cartridges. The best tasting cartridges have flavors that taste most like real Marlboro, Camel or Newport cigarettes.

Finding a Top Electronic Cigarette

E-Cigarettes are an increasingly popular smoking alternative. Some people use E-cigs to quit smoking, while others use them as a smoking alternative and smoke in their homes or office, without any odor or the harmful carcinogens of tobacco.

Not all E-Cigarette brands are the same. There are many products that should be avoided and there are a few that are superior in quality, reliability and performance.

Look for a Top Electronic Cigarette to ensure quality and help ensure your satisfaction.

We actually smoke e-cigarettes, everyday and offer experienced and reliable E Cigarette Reviews. The brands we recommend are the brands that we smoke ourselves. We have chosen the best of the best E cigarette brands on the market for 2012.