The JUUL is the Best Beginner Device: Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Our favorite device for current smokers, as of right now, is the JUUL. We have given this a lot of thought and have spent many a late nights testing and researching the little differences that go into making the switch successfully or not. We came to the conclusion that the JUUL is the best device because it satisfies cravings the best.


When we first saw the JUUL, we didn’t think much of it. Yeah, it has a cool design but it looks, well… little. Being so small, we didn’t think it would pack much of a punch. The battery is bite-sized and it’s not removable. Obviously you can’t chain vape on it because the battery would die before you got ready for work. At first, I thought this device was going to flop, and it sort of did.

It had been on the market for years before it started gaining the attention of big name vapers. Everyone dismissed it as a little toy, because that’s what it looks like. My momma taught me better than that, and I knew judging from appearances was a dangerous game but I slipped this time. I judged the JUUL based on how it looks and how small it is. It may look like a toy, but it is the furthest thing from it.

#1 Device for Smokers

Smokers need certain things to effectively make the switch, and the JUUL provides those things. The battery is small, which puts people off at first glance but it does what it’s supposed to do. This isn’t some mega wattage device, so the battery doesn’t have to be big.

It’s big enough to power an effiecent pod mod, which is what it really is. It’s a pod mod, not a box mod, e-cig, or vape pen. Pod mods are very different than the other categories of mods. The JUUL stands out because of the unique way it satisfies cravings. The 5% nicotine salt e-liquid is magnificent.

5% Nic

When I first heard that it was 5%, I lost it. I thought they were crazy and trying to get people even more addicted to nicotine. Then I thought back to the battery size and realized that this wasn’t a device that you keep vaping on. It was a device that was meant to satisfy cravings in a few short puffs. Now the seemingly outrageous nicotine level made sense. If you were to chain vape a 5% nicotine liquid, you would have to take a seat. Taking 3-4 puffs is perfect for such a highly concentrated solution.

The JUUL is also great for current smokers because of its size. When you’re used to holding a small cigarette, going straight to a box mod is too big of a leap. The size and weight difference can shock your body into withdrawals. With a more cigarette-like device, your body might not be able to detect such a major change and not kick into withdrawal mode so furiously. Other benefits to the size include portability and pocketability. It’s so easy to take the JUUL with you anywhere you go and you never have to worry about being without your nic again.

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