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Advocacy is a huge deal to us. We want vaping to be around for good and keep all of the options we have today. A watered down version of vaping isn’t going to help as many people make the switch as humanly possible. The next big milestone we want to see accomplished is a billion lives impacted through vaping. It’s possible because so many people are reaching for a cigarette daily. Though outreach and social media, these people can catch wind of vaping and live a better life.

It’s so important to us that vaping stays around. We’ve benefited tremendously from vaping and want you to experience the same quality of life that we now experience. The only way to do that is to put down the tobacco and pick up the vapor. If you can drop cigarettes without vaping, more power to you. Nicotine withdrawals are nasty and too powerful for most people to overcome. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t strong enough to overpower nicotine withdrawals on my many attempts at quitting. Thanks to vaping, I didn’t have to be so strong to live a better life. All I had to do was educate myself on vaping.