The Best E-Cig Brands Satisfy the Urge to Smoke Better

Why Bother Finding the Best E-Cig?

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Only the best E cig brands are worthwhile alternatives to regular cigarettes. E-cigarette popularity is growing for good reason. They are great alternatives to smoking tobacco.

Finding the best E-cig on the market can make all the difference in satisfying the urge to smoke tobacco. Only the best E cigarettes are hassle free, taste the best and last the longest time.

E-cigs don’t possess the harms of inhaling tobacco. There are many online E Cigarette Reviews which can give you more information, but basically tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 ingredients that endanger both the smoker and anyone within the vicinity of the second-hand smoke.

The best E-cig brands contain only around 5 ingredients. They do not emit smoke and do not create any ash. Therefore, there is no smell of smoke at all on your fingers, body or clothing.

You can smoke indoors in your house or office without bothering anyone and stinking up your environment.

Recently, Wells Fargo Securities conducted a survey of several tobacco retailers and wholesalers. They found that cigarette prices will be rising in December. Phillip Morris plans a price increase of around 7 cents per pack.

E-cigarettes are not only a cleaner smoking alternative, but also a cheaper one too. Based on the national average of a pack-a-day, a smoker can expect to spend over $2,000 per year on cigarettes.  An E-cig smoker will spend under $600 per year.

Not all E-cig brands on the market are created equal. Only the best Ecig brands have quality, long lasting cartridges that taste good. There are many Chinese knock-off competitors that offer inferior products.

An inferior E-cig brand will have poorly performing batteries that do not generate satisfying vapor volume.

Also, a poor E-cig brand has cartridges that are filled unreliably, resulting cartridges that do not last as long as the best E-cig brands on the market.

A poor E-cig brand will often have an artificial taste that is not satisfying. Who wants to smoke something that tastes like an artificial cigarette.

In contrast, the best E cigarette brands have honed their flavor recipes to taste satisfying and natural, not like some fake cigarette.

The flavors include tobacco that mimics the flavor of traditional tobacco brands like Marlboro, Camel or Newport. In addition to traditional flavors you can find flavors like Menthol, Vanilla, Strawberry, Espresso and the list goes on.

Find the best E cigarette on the market can be a challenge. Currently, the best E cig brands are sold online and not in retail stores.

There are a handful of reliable, top quality brands with long lasting batteries and long lasting cartridges that also taste good. provides reliable and trustworthy Electric cigarette reviews of the 5 best electronic cigarette brands on the market today.

Steve Miller, the proprietor of began this site several years ago after quitting smoking using E-cigs.

Steve shares his years of experience about E-cigs and recommends a few brands that he smokes himself and stands by.