Can My Best E-Cig Explode on My Face?

The Best E-Cig Brands on the Market Are Safe

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The question many of the e-cigarette users are now asking is whether the best e-cigs they are using safe or not.

Two major stories of accidents involving e-cigarettes exploding in the face of users are going abuzz around nowadays. While one of them happened in Colorado, the other took place in Florida shortly after that.

The answer to that question depends on how you use those best E-cigs. Every e-cigarette manufacturer provides a published warning related to the use of unauthorized batteries for e-cigarettes.

Phillip Hahn of Colorado was reportedly using regular batteries stacked in his e-cigarette when it exploded, causing quite an extensive damage to his face and a week-long hospital trip.

Pure Smoker, the company from which Phillip Hahn purchased his Prodigy V3.1 kit is currently being pursued for damages by Hahn and his wife in Colorado courts.

The family seeks damages for a number of things including defective designs and cause of emotional stress. Although there may be some truth to Hahn’s claim that the device was defected, the chances to get a favorable ruling are slim for Hahn since he was not following the guidelines.

Since e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, they are not regulated by the FDA. The sole responsibility of risk regulation for these devices depends on the manufacturers and the consumers themselves.

While you can’t control the actions of manufacturers, you can serve your part in your safety by following the directions provided by manufacturers and selecting only the best e-cigs that are on the market.

Try to use the brands that offer non-stacked battery models since their chances of having an exploding incident are quite minimal.

Even more important is to be careful. When there are certain directions provided with any product, they are meant for your safety.

Don’t try to find ways to overlook these directions just to save a few cents. There can be some very severe consequences if your try to meddle with e-cigs trying to give it a “personal” touch.

So, before your buy e-cigarettes, it is important to learn more about the best E cigarette available and their correct usage.

If you are buying one of the best E-cig brands in the market and using it the way you are directed by the manufacturer, the chances of them exploding in your face are highly unlikely.

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