EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

EverSmoke: #1 Best E Cigarette Brand for 2015

EverSmoke Starter KitOur Top Electronic Cigarette
Awarded Best Flavor, Best Vapor & Value!
Price: $53.99  (Price with 10% auto-discount)
Flavors: (10) Especially Good Tasting!
Nicotine Levels: (4)
Battery: Strong Lithium
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Opinions From Our Veteran E Cigarette Reviews Panel

  1. “These are some of the Best Tasting Cartridges we’ve ever tested.”
  2. “One of the Longest Lasting most Powerful E Cig Battery available anywhere”
  3. “Highly reliable & superior quality product made by a well-respected E-Cigarette manufacturer.”

EverSmoke – Our Newest Best E-Cig Pick for 2015:

EverSmoke is the latest E-cigarette to hit the market and is made by a reputable and experienced E Cigarette manufacturer located in Florida.

EverSmoke combines superior, Top Battery Performance with the Smoothest Draw and Best Tasting, Full-Bodied Vapor of any brand, my team has tested, in years.

This is the Latest New Electric Cigarette to hit the market and EverSmoke is definitely superior to the pack in battery technology, flavor and vapor.

Taking a drag is almost effortless because of its ultra high performance lithium ion battery. EverSmoke produces unusually abundant, rich, flavorful vapor.

EverSmoke’s draw is very super responsive. It quickly recognizes when a drag is being taken and signals the battery to produce vapor. A responsive e-cigarette makes smoking more natural and less like smoking fake cigarettes. There is nothing worse than E-Cigs that taste like artificial cigarettes.

What we really like about EverSmoke are their flavor cartridges. EverSmoke has got their flavor recipe right! These don’t taste like artificial cigarettes like many other brands, but rather flavorful and tasty.

EverSmoke’s flavor formulas are a clear standout. All of them taste darn good. We all agreed.

Their Menthol Flavor is particularly refreshing and tastes crisp like a spearmint mint. Even smokers who don’t like menthols will appreciate this flavor.

EverSmoke’s tobacco flavor actually tastes like real tobacco, a blend between Marlboros and Camels. The tobacco taste is light, mild and smooth. As a menthol smoker, I really like their Classic Tobacco flavor.

Another thing we liked about EverSmoke is that the battery comes in 3-sizes:

EverSmoke also offers 3 Different Battery Colors and comes in Automatic and Manual Switch. Manual Switch creates more vapor and is good for a heavy smoker.

EverSmoke is an industry leader, with some of the latest technology currently available in an E-Cigarette. It is our new Top 5 Best E-Cig in our E Cigarette Reviews for this year.

The superior quality and taste is the reason why EverSmoke is our Best E-Cigarette Brand for 2015.

EverSmoke Pros and Cons


  1. Best Tasting Cartridge Flavors
  2. Latest Battery Technology – Ultra Powerful Lithium
  3. Strong Vapor Production
  4. High Quality, 2-Piece, Hassle-Free
  5. Best Value – Low Price E-Cig
  6. 10 Flavor choices.


  1. We just cannot find any notable cons with EverSmoke.

Product Details: EverSmoke

Manufacturer: EverSmoke
Country: USA – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Type: 2-Piece
Basic Starter Kit: $59.95
Premium Starter Kit: $79.99
Ultimate Starter Kit: $109.99
Ultimate Plus Starter Kit: $154.99
Cartridge Price (15-pack): $2.22 – 2.66 per cartridge
Number of Flavors: 6 (4 new ones coming)
Nicotine Levels Offered: 4 (Full Flavored 18mg,Light 12mg, Ultra Light 6mg and Nicotine-Free 0mg)
Nicotine Solution Liquid: No liquids.
Warranty: Battery: Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all components. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on any product except cartridges.

Basic Starter Kit: $59.95

Includes: 1 Lithium Standard Battery – choice of Color & Automatic or Manual Switch, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1- 5-pack Nicotine Cartridges. – your choice of flavor.

Premium Starter Kit: $79.99

Includes: 1 Lithium High-Capacity & 1 Lithium Standard Battery – choice of Color & Automatic or Manual Switch,. 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1- 5-pack Nicotine Cartridges. – your choice of flavor.

Ultimate Starter Kit: $109.99

Includes: 1 Lithium High Capcity & 1 Lithium Standard Battery – choice of Color & Automatic or Manual Switch, 1 Personal Charging Case, I USB Charger, I Wall Charger, 1 Car Charging Adapter, Carrying Case, 1 15-pack Nicotine Cartridges – your choice of flavor.

Ultimate Plus Starter Kit: $154.99

Includes: 1 Lithium High-Capacity & 1 Lithium Mini Battery – choice of Color & Automatic or Manual Switch,. 1 Personal Charging Case, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Car Charging Adapter, Carrying Case, 15-Nicotine Cartridges. – your choice of flavor.

Flavor Cartridges:

EverSmoke Cartridges

EverSmoke cartridges are the best tasting flavor cartridges of any brand we’ve tested ever.

Their Classic Tobacco is full bodied, but ultra smooth and real. They taste like a nice blend between Marlboro and Camels.

The menthols are full bodied, crisp, clean and taste like spearmint. EverSmoke’s menthols taste especially nice and are popular. They are refreshing and are nice after dinner.

The Vanilla flavor is rich and robust and makes a great dessert cartridge. Their Peppermint is crisp and doesn’t taste fake or artificial.

EverSmoke flavors include:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry
  • Coffee
  • Peppermint

New Flavors Just Released and Now Available:

  • Golden Tobacco
  • Royal Tobacco
  • Pina Colada
  • Peach

EverSmoke Offers 4-Nicotine Levels

Eversmoke Charger Plugged In

  • 18 mg = Full Flavored
  • 12 mg = Lights
  • 6 mg = Ultra Lights
  • 0 mg = No Nicotine

Vapor Volume

Top Vapor Production E-Cigarette. The Automatic battery produces ultra abundant vapor and amazingly responsive to your draw. The draw is smooth and requires little effort.

With a Manual Battery, you press a button on the E-Cig . It produces gushes of vapor, enough to satisfy even the heaviest smoker. This is a great option for those heavy smokers that like the most vapor possible from an E-Cigarette.


EverSmoke’s battery is the most technologically advanced.

It really is one of best E-Cigarette batteries on the market with an advanced microchip that makes this battery highly responsive to a smokers draw and creates abundant vapor with minimal draw effort.

The Standard Battery will last at least 250 puffs, while the High Capacity Battery will last at least 350 puffs. The High Capacity battery should last all day for a heavy smoker.

EverSmoke also offers a Mini Battery that is the size of a regular cigarette. A Mini is useful for smoking discretely, because it is less conspicuous. A Mini will last at least 175 puffs.

A good E-Cigarette battery is essential to smoker satisfaction. EverSmoke is an experienced, American E-Cig company that has designed the most powerful, strong and reliable E-Cigarette battery available anywhere and is a key factor making EverSmoke our Top 5 Best Electronic Cigarette pick for 2014.


EverSmoke Charger
An AC and USB charger are included in the Starter pack.

The USB charger allows you to charge from a computer USB port.

You can also charge in your car with their car adapter.

Well designed, high quality and reliable. This component has a lifetime replacement warranty.

Special Features

The cool features about EverSmoke include three different battery colors, three different sizes and an Automatic and Manual option. Their product is technologically advanced and reliable. It is very economical and The flavors are outstanding!

Product Quality

This product looks and feels like a real cigarette. The quality and technology of its components are among the highest and best in the industry. The product is built to last and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty of all its components, except the disposable refill cartridges.

Customer Service:

Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. EverSmoke is a new line for an experienced E-Cigarette manufacturer located in Florida. They have a customer service staff that is well trained, friendly and are eager to correct the problem and make the customer happy.

A 10% Discount on any Starter Kit is Automatically Applied from this site. No Discount Code is Needed.

EverSmoke is our 2015 Best E Cig Brand Choice

E Cigarettes are a big investment and one that should take careful consideration. Finding a quality brand is essential to your smoking satisfaction.

We take great pride in providing the best Electric Cigarette Reviews and strongly stand by our 5 Best E Cigarette selections. EverSmoke is the latest rock star brand of the year!

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