Revolutionary & Most Powerful E-Cig Battery Is Out

Most Powerful E-CigaretteBattery Technology is Here:

The White Cloud Cirrus 3X  just released  the most powerful E-cigarette battery available anywhere. The advancement in this electric cigarette  battery technology is impressive. The C3X is simply the best e-cig battery on the market today making it one of the top electronic cigarette brands available anywhere.

Do I Need The Most Powerful E-Cig Powerful Battery?

Yes, you do, for several reasons.

  1. Only the best electric cigarette battery can convert that flavor cartridge into consistently rich, satsifying vapor. It can make a good tasting brand taste even better. With many brands, the batteries run a bit weak after the first several puffs. A superior battery will consistently provide reliable puffs longer.

  2. Only the best E-cigarette battery will not shutoff during a long puff. A battery that is less than half-full will often start shutting off during a puff, because the battery juice weakens. A good battery will continue to stay on, even during big or long puffs. Tobacco smokers tend to take bigger puffs.

White Cloud remains a “rock star e-cig brand” and the one to own, if you can afford it. White Cloud is recognized as having the most powerful e-cig battery technology on the market today. They have just outdone themselves with the launch of the new C3X. The Cirrus 3X has the latest electric cigarette battery technology which is simply the most advanced to date.

This brand is priced a bit higher than other brands, but like with any other electronic technology, you get what you pay for. If you can afford the White Cloud then it is the one to own.

The C3x is about the same size as the Cirrus 1 and longer then the Cirrus 2 or 3.  The battery life is superlative and lasts about 600 puffs, which should certainly get anybody through the day without the hassle of a recharge.

Also, the Cirrus 3X will recharge in just 90 minutes, not 3 to 4 hours like most other brands.

I found that the Cirrus 3X produces denser and fuller cloud of vapor – most satisfying. The C3x has just taken e-cigarette technology to the next level. I consider the 3CX to be one of the best e-cig brands. They manufacture one of the best electric cigarettes available anywhere.

This is just another reason White Cloud ranks as one of our Top 5 Best E-Cigarettes for 2012 in our Electric Cigarette Reviews.

Good Job White Cloud!