Choosing the Best E Cig Juice Delivery System

The Best E-Cig is sometimes determined by the juice delivery method that the e-cigarette uses. You might not realize that there are so many different options out there which all have their pros and cons. Knowledge is power and it’s necessary to understand these things so that you can choose the Best E-Cigarette kit for you.


The cartomizer is one of the most popular e-cig juice delivery systems available on the market and is used by many brands such as South Beach Smoke and Safe Cig. Cartomizer brands are also recommended more by E Cigarette Reviews sites and Electronic Cigarette Review.
This two-piece system has an atomizer located inside of a cartridge which is surrounded by filler material saturated with juice. The atomizer vaporizes the juice when it is activated by the battery.

This is a very convenient system for people because these e-cigs are the easiest to deal with and require very little maintenance. This can also be an expensive option since the cartomizers are generally considered to be disposable.
Tanks are another type of juice delivery system. They aren’t as popular as cartomizers since most of the more prominent e-cigarette brands don’t use them. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad, though. With a tank system, you have 3 pieces: a battery, atomizer and tank cartridge.

The atomizer screws onto the battery and the tank is filled with juice and inserted into the atomizer. It has a small hole which fits over the atomizer and feeds it juice slowly without flooding it.

These are convenient because they are really easy to refill and you can see when you’re almost out of juice. One of the drawbacks to a tank system is that they are difficult to clean since the atomizer cannot be easily removed from its casing.


Another system worth mentioning is the top or bottom coil CE2 cartomizer, which is still a fairly new concept. If you have been using electronic cigarettes for a while and want something different, this might be the best e-cig juice system for you. Like the regular cartomizer, the CE2 is also a two piece system and is sort of a cartomizer and tank hybrid. The atomizer is located inside of the tank, but there is no filler material. Instead, there are two wicks that absorb the juice and feed it directly into the coils of the atomizer.

These are often favored by veteran e-cig users that like to modify their e-cig hardware. There are many high and low resistance CE2s that may work best on higher or lower voltages, so picking one out can be confusing if you are new to e-cigarettes.

If you really want to know what the Best E-Cig juice delivery system is, consider reading some E Cigarette Reviews on the different options available.

What works for one person might not work for another, regardless of how great the product descriptions make it sound. Reading E Cigarette Reviews will help you compare people’s personal experiences to your own expectations so that you can make the right choice.