South Beach Smoke Launches the Most Powerful E-Cigarette Battery on the Market

The new SuperMax Battery from South Beach Smoke

On December 05, 2011 introduced a new E-Cigarette battery that is the most powerful e-cig battery of any brand available today. This is a 4.2 volt battery compared to a 3.7 volt which the nearest competitor offers, making South Beach the top electronic cigarette on the market.

This is a real revolution for any heavy smoker, because this battery packs the lungs with huge vapor and offers the satisfaction of smoking a real tobacco cigarette that smokers need. Most e-cigarettes have disappointing batteries that don’t produce a proper measure of vapor and don’t last long enough without needing to be recharged. Without good vapor production, smoking an e cigarette is frustrating, disappointing and just lacks any satisfaction.

Very few e-cigarette manufacturers have really addressed this issue and most batteries on the market use old technology. Good electric cigarette vapor production really simulates a puff on a real cigarette and can really serve as a satisfying smoking alternative.

Although South Beach Smoke’s battery is turbo charged, it is surprisingly smooth for a smoker who takes a mild puff.  But is has the horsepower under the hood for those that need huge draws like me. One of the most improtant benefits of these new batteries is that they can hold a charge well beyond other brands.

No other brand on the market can compete with this latest technology. Not only does this battery produce huge vapor, but lasts longer than any other brand, as well. Kudos to South Beach Smoke for developng the best e-cig battery. Thank You, I was waiting  for this day!