How to Make an E-Cig Cartridge Last Longer

Here’s a tip I learned about how to make my E-Cigarette cartridges last longer and be more satsifying. Even the best e-cig runs out of juice, especially if you take big drags.

As your cartridge runs low, just replace the battery with a fully charged one. This trick helps me get the last bit of vapor out of a cartridge and keeps the vapor strong and satisfying until the end.

If you’re a regular Electronic Cigarette smoker you should always be charging one, while using another. I am a regular E-smoker and have at least three batteries, so that I never run short of a fresh battery, especially while mobile and out and about. Another reason I have several batteries is that I always seem to temporarily misplace one, leave one in my jeans, my car or office, therefore having a third comes in handy.

When I was looking for an electric cigarette, I found the ones sold at places like Seven Eleven or other Quick Marts are complete garbage and a waste of money. I turned online and searched several E Cigarette Reviews sites. I purchased and tried several brands, until I finally settled on two brands, the SafeCig and South Beach Smoke. Each have their merits and I smoke them both interchangably during the day for almost the last year. Since then, I have quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, altogether and haven’t looked back since.

After buying and trying so many electric cigarette brands, I eventually became the expert on the subject through my own experience. I have since documented and ranked the best E-Cigarettes, on a website.

If you are looking for an Electonic cigarette as a smoking alternative then do yourself a favor and buy the best quality and brand on the market. Nothing is more frustrating than a poor E-Cig that you have spent good money on. When you find a brand that smokes like an authentic cigarette and tastes like real cigarettes, you will find it much easier to replace tobacco. This has been my experience and I have been able to replace tobacco cigarettes with electric cigarettes. I am so much happier and so is my girlfriend.