We are veteran, e-cig aficionados used to smoke analogs everyday. This site originated from our own need to find the best vapes that actually worked for ourselves. We started this blog because we wanted to share our experience with the world.

juulAfter our own experiences with some of  better and some lesser brands, we began documenting our experiences,  highlighting the best brands on the market, with reviews and other helpful information.

We truly enjoy sharing our reviews and opinions with the world. It’s pretty cool to be able to help so many people go through the exact same journey we went through. Please feel free to contact us to share your opinions or ask us a question.

We are one of the best review sites on the web. Our specialty is analyzing devices that are more geared toward beginners who are looking to quit smoking.

Check out our latest review of EverSmoke, which is fairly good brand. It impressed us for several reasons and we consider it the best ecig brand that we have reviewed to date.

Also, check out the best e-juices of 2017 to find the most satisfying e-liquids.

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